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Guard your heart


Earlier I was having my quiet time and God brought me back to the verse in Proverbs where it says we should ‘Guard your heart above all else, for it is the source of life’. (‭Proverbs‬ ‭4‬:‭23‬)
I don’t know about you, but if you asked me, I would say I’m pretty good at guarding my heart. I’m not really one of those people who wears my heart on my sleeve. Or goes around expressing my thoughts and feelings about every little detail of my life. It can sometimes take a while for me to share my heart thoughts with good friends. So it seems like I’m guarding my heart right?

But God showed me that there’s so much more to guarding your heart than just being choosy with who you have feelings for.
It’s about filling out heart with thoughts of Him. Choosing to dwell in His presence. Seeking His kingdom. So much more.

It’s also about being careful with who we trust with the intricate details of who we are. And the only person truly worthy of this trust is Jesus. He knows our hearts. Our thoughts. Our dreams and hopes. He longs to be the desire of our hearts. And His love never fails. Never disappoints and is always faithful.

We don’t have to worry about whether we can trust Him or not. For He is who we base our definition of trust on. If only we would let him in. Let your guard down. Let Jesus in. And he will keep your heart more precious than anything.


The privilege of precious moments



This morning I finished a set of nights at work. Now it wasn’t as crazy busy as the night before but it was still busy enough to keep you going through the night.

Medicines. Oxygen. Alarms. Beeping. Silencing. Comfort. Holding a hand. Reading a story. Juice. Toast. Milk. Pain relief. Admissions. Singing. Playing. Distracting. Feeding. Laughing. Chatting. Cleaning. Toileting. Changing beds.

This is all but in a days (or nights) work.

Sometimes I wish my job was as easy as people think it is; cuddling babies till they get better.

But then I think about all the precious moments I would miss out on and I wouldn’t trade them for anything!

Why am I doing this?


Today my day started off wonderfully. I had a nice relaxing morning where I read for hours and listened to music. Whilst drinking plentiful cups of tea in the process.

I had lunch with my mum who I love dearly. She always makes me laugh. But her heart to serve others is something which inspires me. She prays earnestly for others and gives immeasurably more than people deserve. I’m thankful everyday for the amazing blessing she is to me and many others.

Then this afternoon I remembered that I’d somehow agreed to go jogging with a couple of friends this afternoon.

Well it’s safe to say I’m not much of a jogger. In fact I’m so unfit I’m impressed I made it to the end of the road. But I’m gonna try and give it a go. I’m sure ill feel the benefits at some point, right?

So all in all, today’s been a pretty good day. Even if I did have to jog for a little while.


Can I have a cup of tea please?


In the past 7 days I’ve managed to work around 70 hours. Had one day off. Very few breaks. Drank way under my normal quota of tea. Been extremely stressed at times.


But somehow I’ve enjoyed it.


Maybe it’s because I saw children get better and go home.

Maybe it’s because I got to do some cool but gross things at work that I’ve never done before.

Maybe it’s because I’m going to Alton towers this weekend with my bezzies and then have a week of annual leave to enjoy.

Maybe it’s because I’m enjoying a wonderful cup of tea.

I think it’s probably a little bit of everything. Imagetea

And I’m back


So I was very kindly informed today that it had been ages since my last blog and that I really should do something about it. So here it is. My much awaited blog post 😛

Life has been pretty busy lately. I was through in Aberdeen for a friends birthday last week.  We went to Jamie’s Italian for dinner and it was very delicious! Jamie Oliver makes pretty tasty food!

I also went to Codonas amusement park for the day and although it snowed it was still really good fun. We went on the dodgems ALOT!!

Then I had some chilled out night shifts at work which worked out well as I’ve just finished some insane day shifts this weekend. School holidays never fail to make for crazy shifts.

But today I’m chilling out with some of my Bezzies. Eating skittles, hula hoops and waiting for pizza later. Bliss. I love my life. Sometimes it’s a bit crazy and stressful. But I know a day like today is never too far away. So it makes those crazy days that little bit better.

Here are a few photos… Enjoy!









The beauty of friendship



Do you have those friends, that from the outside, no-one would ever put you together? They look different from you, listen to completely different music, dress differently, act differently, the list goes on…. Yet. You’re friends. Good friends in fact. I love those kind of friends.

I also love the friends, that when you have a day off and it’s a nice day outside, you can give them a text and suddenly you’re heading for Dores beach. No questions asked. It just happens. Last minute plans are always fun.

Well today I had the pleasure of all these things rolled into one. A trip to Dores with college friends who I thank God are different because otherwise life would be boring. I thank God that I have non Christian friends who I can be real with. Who I can introduce to Jesus. Or try to anyway. Because isn’t that what life’s about? Bringing people to Jesus. I think so anyway.

I heart Dores beach




Today was an unexpected beautiful day. There was a slight breeze but the sun was beaming and I'm on holiday. Perfect. So a friend and I went for a walk along Dores beach. Standard.

Anyone who knows me, knows that I love it there. Next to the beach is the Dores Inn which does the best breakfasts. Fact. No doubt about it.

I love just spending time there with friends; taking the time to admire God’s creation. Look at His handy work. Isn’t it amazing?