How do I sum up the last few days?!


I think Peta summed up our last few days pretty well…


So… On Monday, the most wonderful Becca and Donna (a.k.a. the Scottish-tachi) arrived in the sunny, beautiful, happy land of Sapporo.

Our reunion after a whole 4 months apart was a wonderful thing.

And the time since has been…. Amazing/hilarious/wonderful/beautiful/I-have-no-idea. Really.

I actually have no words to sum up the last few days.

In a 48 hour period we have….

1. Eaten a huge amount of breakfast food…

See those fried eggs? The girls ate them with chopsticks. It was one of the greatest moments I’ve ever witnessed. Proud. Peta.
And this, ladies and gentlemen, is our daily breakfast… Which is one reason among many that we might gain some serious weight in the next two weeks…

2. Been up Sapporo observatory…

Yep. This completely stunning city is the place I now call home, love completely, pray over and am so happy to share with some of the people I…

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About beautyforashes91

Not really very good with the whole blogging thing or introductions but here goes... I'm Becca. I'm a paediatric nurse who loves her job. I love Jesus and continually learn new things about how awesome He is. I have some amazing friends and family who help me along the way. I love music but don't play any instruments (I really need to learn!) When you first meet me I can come across as quiet but once you get to know me you wonder how you ever thought that about me. I'm sure there's loads more that I could say but I think I'll leave it at that for now. So enjoy my ramblings. I hope you find them interesting. :-)

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