Monthly Archives: September 2013

That’s gonna hurt in the morning



So yesterday I made the brave, probably stupid but definitely healthy decision… to join the gym!!

Now as most of you know I’m not really a gym kinda person but now that I have the car I really need to keep active.

The only saving grace is that my best friend has also joined the gym. So yesterday as we gave it all we could muster on the treadmill it was reassuring to look over and see Peta was also a little red and tired! But I actually feel just that little bit healthier today so for now I’m gonna keep going with the gym and I’ll let you know how it goes… As long as it doesn’t kill me first!!! 😉 Haha

Then this morning we went for our usual jaunt to Dores for breakfast. But instead of French toast, bacon and maple syrup. I had…. Poached egg on toast! Are you impressed?! And it was pretty tasty too! We also had a chocolate scone for later. But hey, trying to be healthy doesn’t have to be all boring. Everything in moderation right?!