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When in Rome…






As our time in Rome is coming to an end I thought it was probably time for a blog post.
It has been so much fun. There’s just so many things to do, to see, to experience. Everywhere you look there’s something beautiful. Roman architecture is something even I can appreciate its greatness! We’ve been to the Trevi fountain, the colosseum, the Vatican, Sistine chapel, St. Peter’s Basilica, Castle St. angelo and probably many others I’ve forgotten about. There’s just so many!
And the food has been wonderful. So good that I have hardly any photos as I’ve been too excited to eat it to wait for a photo.
The heat however has not been my friend… Scottish girls as pale as me are not meant for 40 degree heat with 50% humidity. It’s just not going to happen.
Here are a few photos for you to have a look at of my time here.








My dislike of coffee and beer





We made it to Prague!! With only one slightly damaged suitcase and everything else in tact! I think that’s pretty good going don’t you?

So we arrived at our hotel on Sunday evening explored for a little while then went out for some local food. It’s always interesting ordering from a Czech menu when you’re a fussy eater who doesn’t know any Czech. But I successfully ordered a very delicious chicken breast stuffed with cheese, ham and lettuce with chips. Score!

Included in our hotel is a continental breakfast so each morning we stock up on food before we spend the day exploring the sights of Prague. Only sad part is apparently they only drink fruit tea over here so a trip to the local shop was necessary to purchase some wonderful tea!

Turns out people in Prague drink coffee or beer. Beer is even cheaper than juice. Only thing is… I don’t like beer. Or coffee for that matter…

We bought a ticket for the hop on – hop off bus tour which proved to be a great way to see the local sites whilst also providing a means of transport. Not bad for £20 too!! Or 600 Czech crowns which sounds way more expensive.

Each evening we’ve tried different local pubs/ restaurants and every meal so far has been delicious. I’ve tried some weird and wonderful things but mostly all good 🙂

Today we went for a cocktail in an ice bar which was hilarious but freezing. The cold was a welcome relief for my Scottish skin.

I’m sure there’s plenty more things which I’ve left out but I’ll leave you with a few pictures from my time so far. Enjoy! I’m off to get ready to go out for dinner 🙂






Holiday travelling has begun!



So this morning is the start of the exciting journey to Prague. I’m currently on the train to Aberdeen to meet my two fellow travellers so we can head down to Edinburgh later on. Then tomorrow morning we fly to Prague, yay!!

Now my journey so far has been extremely uneventful. For those of you who have traveled with me before will know how much of an irregular occurrence this is. I managed to buy a new railcard and collect my tickets with no mishaps and am currently sitting listening to my cheesy/ holiday playlist. Wonderful!

Now this is just the beginning so who knows what could happen. But so far so good!!



I can drive!


So I’ve been a bit quiet lately but that’s because I’ve been crazy busy! So sorry about that.

But my exciting news is: I finally passed my driving test a couple of weeks ago. First time as well. I’m so chuffed. Now I just need to get a wee car and there will be no stopping me! 😉

My other exciting news is I go on holiday on sun. Prague for 5 days and Rome for 7. I can’t wait! Going to be absolute bliss! Now don’t worry I am fully intending to be a proper tourist so I will be uploading some pretty pictures very soon. So watch this space…

Now I know this is a very short post but I need to go get the last few things for my holiday so I best be off. I’ll be back soon though!